Actor or Director?

What is the one thing you want to be able to look back and say about your life when its, well, time to say goodbye to it? If I asked 10 people I might get 10 answers.

I made a difference.

I gave my children every opportunity I could.

I had the courage to follow my dreams.

I was a good person. 

I did my best.

This of course is a deeply personal reflection for which there is no right or wrong answer. For me, I would say, I found my way back to Love. When I say Love, mean both loving others, and loving myself. More precisely, being love. Being joy. Emotions are frequencies, vibrations. And love is the highest state of being we can achieve.

To me, when we connect to our true self, we connect with Love. We connect with the Divine. At the soul level, we all are Love. The notion of our souls being stained by “sin”, and in need of redemption by a God who stands in judgement, it seems to me, is to give God an ego, which is absent in Love. It is only our fear that separates us from the endless flow of Love and power that we call God. Those same fears keep us feeling unworthy of being happy all the time.

But I digress. More on all that in the next post.

Love. Joy. It seems to me, these emotions will always lead to all the different responses I offered to the opening question. If we can simply be happy, we will lead the lives and have the impact we all want to have on those we love and the world as a community.

We all have the a lot more power than most of us realize. In fact, you have some abilities that when harnessed can not only bring you and keep you in a state of joy and love more often than not, they can literally change the world.

Self-awareness. Focus. Perception.

We are all self-aware to some degree or another. What a gift this is! Think about it. I can step back and observe myself. I can notice how things in my world make me feel, and adjust my behavior. More importantly, I can observe the inner world of my thoughts and emotions, and change them. And the more I do this, the better I get at it!

Sure, things happen around us that we will piss us off, or make us sad in the moment. But the more self aware we can become, and more we leave behind our addiction to playing the victim  (what? yup…that’s what I said) the faster we can use another awesome ability to move out of those survival emotions back into joy and peace.

Focus. Another magnificent yet underutilized gift! This one is like the remote control for your eyes and ears. And how great is any remote? Imagine if the only channel on TV was C-Span? Ughhh. Or Keeping Up With the Kardashians 24/7?  You have even more of a selection in life than those 700 channels you get from the cable company! Choose what makes you happy!

I for one am so grateful I have the option of ignoring the media, and its obsession with stressing the shit out of me. I mean, almost daily even the weather is served up with a huge side of potential catastrophe. Especially in New England.

I also used to be one of those talk radio junkies. You know, that guy at work you have to be careful not to say anything positive about the gov’t around, for fear of the Gov’t Sucks 101 lecture you are surely to get. Then I woke up one day several years ago and realized I didn’t want to be angry all the time. It was time to change the channel.

And the last gift: perception. Here is where you can flip the switch on the things that do in fact demand your focus, at least some of the time: work, relationships, the challenges of parenthood, etc, etc. And it goes hand in hand with focus.

You know how people always say “there’s always a silver lining”? You also know how when someone says that before you are ready to hear it, you want to strangle them. But we know it’s true. April showers do, in fact, bring May flowers. No one is forcing you or I to focus on the rain. No one has a gun to your head compelling you to be an expert in your boss’s faults. Or, more importantly, yours.

Perception is reality. The aspects of a particular person, event or idea we focus on determines this. And it can change, in a hurry, and shake us to the core as it alters our death grip on reality. (See Deflate-gate and we Patriot fans 🙂 Why do we have such tight grip on things? Even the opportunity to improve our perception and therefore our experience is often met with resistance. Why is that?

Well, no book has helped me understand this better than “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself- How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It is a book on both neuro and Noetic science. It brings quantum physics into mind/body beliefs like Law of Attraction. If you really want to break the grip your subconscious mind has on your perception, open your mind, gather your courage, and read this book.

If you still labor under the weight of the widely accepted belief that your genes control your destiny when it comes to talents, abilities, and the big one: health, labor no longer! Free yourself from the “cancer runs in my family” resignation! You are not a victim of your genes. There is so much out there in the emerging science of Epigenetics that will set you free from that thinking. The aforementioned book, as well as Dr. Bruce Lipton’s information packed video “The Biology of Belief” will shift your perspective forever, or at least present the opportunity for that.

It’s up to us. We can become self-aware to greater degrees. We can use our ability to focus and change the channel. In doing so we can alter our perception of the world, and more importantly, our Self. We can occupy both our place on the stage and the directors chair in the epic tale that is our life.

And aren’t those director chairs cool?












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