Daily Archives: April 22, 2018

Should I Stay or Should I Go


All I would add to what I said here is we can’t energetically compartmentalize our lives. Not entirely. So the energy of a relationship is going to affect the rest of your life, positively or negatively.

The same is true in reverse. The struggle to stay in alignment with what does for work, lets say, is creating resistance that will block to some extent the flow you feel in your family life and other interests.

It just becomes a matter of priority, I suppose, and where feeling in alignment with the things you give your energy to is on that list.

See you next time!

ps. It DID get a lot warmer today than it was making this! Super sunny spring Sunday!





Inspired by the Young

I am!….inspired by the young people close to me. So much of what I’ve learned  and sharing about has been centered around getting past our limitations. Limitations that some of the younger minds just don’t have.

They are coming at life so differently than I did. I love it!

Stripping Down to Wholeness

Again, another clever and oxymoronic title đŸ™‚

Building on the previous two videos, this morning I sat out in the wonderful sunshine and shared what came up. My intention is to get present and get out of the way and share what comes up. It’s a work in progress, but I am enjoying it.


I wanted to add that I recognize that the present moment contains more than just our Presence. And that we can feel more than just peace and love in it. I don’t mean to imply that if you feel sadness or anger you aren’t present.

In fact, if we aren’t authentic, if we don’t acknowledge whatever is in our Now, we have resistance to it that will keep us from returning back to our natural state of peace, freedom and love.

We have taken on the beautiful challenges of being human, and are learning and evolving as we go. I just want to share what gives me joy on the journey.