Life with a little Panache

“We’re so busy trying to be someone else other than who we’ve been created to be, that we’ve moved away from our soul signature. And then we’re wondering why our life doesn’t  work. Why areas of our life don’t flourish. Because we’re fighting against our design. 


In the journey of every great being there’s a singular moment where they finally surrender to their soul signature. They finally embrace who they are, the way they are. There is no greater power or no greater connection to be in harmony with oneself.” 


I listened to the whole of this 35 minute conversation between Oprah and Panache Desai a couple days ago for the first time. I felt as though I had heard the most beautiful rendering of all that Love has been teaching me over the last several months. Well, the last several years, really. I have since listened to it a half dozen times, and it continues to both melt and expand my heart.

This is the way of Love, is it not? It is both a resting place and inspiration, at the same time. A deep, abiding embrace and hair raising possibility, flowing in with the breath into as much of our being as we allow.

What are you ready to allow in?

To listen to this, and many other wondrous conversations, go to the Google Play store or iTunes to download the Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations app. 





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