Daily Archives: January 22, 2019

Ice Cubes

Subconscious fear is like an insulated ice cube sitting at the bottom of the glass of water of our mind.

The insulation keeping it from melting is our resistance to it being there. We have realized over time that when we do give it some thought, some analysis, often all we get is a cold glass of water as it melts. In thinking about it we can turn what was predictably warm into something uncomfortable. So we turn away, insulating it once again.

The glass that is your thinking mind is too small.

But what would happen if you dropped that same ice cube, water and all, into a warm lake?

Good thing you have one.

The lake that is your heart, your breath and your silent awareness. It is your connection to Nature, to others, and to the present moment we are all sharing Now.

The biggest of ice cubes would simply become part of the lake, teaching us that without our resistance insulating it, fear always melts into the warmth of our natural state.

ice cube in lake



Understanding Our Unconsciousness

I’m not sure why this profound talk is entitled “Relax Your Mind”. I would have entitled it Understanding Your Mind, or Understanding Mass Consciousness.

Or what I titled this blog. For those who first need to have a basis of understanding upstairs before the heart feels safe to open up to something new, I have never listened to anything better.

Truth as flowing through Alan Watts always takes me by the hand, walking me through my own programming to someplace new. To the playful place of toying with the unknown.

I’m deeply grateful to see both my life as ,and something more, in his words. The words of someone who has travelled further and more frequently down the rabbit hole, finding each time that there is in fact more light the deeper into the darkness it feels we have to go.